Tuesday, June 23

Mission Accomplished! Universiti Malaya, kita bertemu minggu depan! versi PPSMI

today, i woke up very early.

because i want to do stuffs that is compulsory for me in order to complete my admission into UM.

after send Mama to her office, Abah & Me goes to Klinik Pusrawi at Jalan Ipoh to do medical check-up, X-Ray & etc...

but the receptionist said that they only have limited facilities, so she advised us to go to the Hospital Pusrawi at Jalan Tun Razak. since Abah has difficulties to walk in such a long distance, we decided to go to Lourdes Hospital only, which is located opposite of IPD Sentul.

after registration, i did all the necessities like X-Ray, Urine Test and so on, in less than an hour, finished all that, the lab results will be ready by Thursday, says the nurse. okay for me, i guess. cuz i'm leaving this Sunday morning. while the doctor do a couple of tests on me, we chat about many things, family, education and bla bla.. he's quite a joker too, luckily not the Joker from the Batman saga.. he wished me well, and i thanked him for his services.

after Abah paid the bill, we went to Batu 5 to make copies of my STPM & MUET slips, & SPM certificate. then, the market was our destination in order to buy some rice & curry powder, we ran out of it at home. while buying, we met Awin there. her father sells chicken & she helps him everyday. chat a little cuz she's rushing & i'm in a hurry too.

then, i went to a photo studio to take 16 passport-sized pictures for my UM application. lucky that i'm a regular customer, the lady owner gave me special price.

quite a lot of things that i did today, so i guess that just left me to pay the fee at Bank Islam, and to verify the validity of my certificates from SEMERA's principal. i hope she will have the time for it.

i also hope that my STPM certificates are ready. cuz the slip's ink is just barely seen by our eyes..

can't wait also to meet the teachers & meet fellow 6th Formers in Thursday. at SEMERA. miss them so much.. hahaha

p/s: my 1st post written in English. sorry if there are many mistakes here & there.. hehehe


[x]mint[x] said...

congratz jela yang aku boleh cakap. hahah. jeles :(

MariaFaizal said...

Regular at a photo shop? Wow! hehe.. Good for you dik that you get a discounted price :D

Basuh Baju said...

dapat course apa?

fahmi said...

Mint: maceh, tp ayat tu mcm x pueh ati je.. hahahaha... lek la.. ade rezeki, dpt gak ko ke sana...

MariaFaizal: hahaha, i've been to the shop sine i was in Form 1 kak.. that lady & his photographer oso knew me... then. i even help his son while he become our school photographer during the school magazine's publishing... kow tim sikit2 je.. hehehe

Basuhbaju: gua dpt TESL bro, igtkan mu dh tau... hehehe